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goodnight girls and gays... tomorrow we mind our business and continue to convince ourselves that we don’t need their attention ... and drop that class before its too late... we both know you aint reading all that...

something is really wrong with ppl on the birdsite why cant they break up with people normally... some people just move on with their lives but no... they wanna tweet “shank his mom and eat his baby, record it and make him watch it 100 times” like damn bitch seek help...

i love mastodon because no one here brings up the fact i’m 15 as a way to imply my opinion doesn’t matter

being a swiftie is so hard the oppression we face is unending

sorry to be a kpop stan on main but it’s so fucking funny how tired they are of their own songs lmao

starting a gofundme to tape a bunch of squirrels together

celebrities are transphobic, homophobic, and racist like it’s a full time job with benefits

can celebrities stop with notes app apologies omg i dont want your 30 minutes of “growth” where you magically unlearn transphobia, sexism, homophobia and/or racism i want your career ended and your pockets hurt why the fuck do i care if you stop being rich for being a bigot

okay this is it this is what’s gonna make me delete my birdsite account

i’m really eating at this vegan bagel place where the bagels look like the shit that killed the health inspector from spongebob

it’s fun to say things to the tune of let’s get screwed by janelle monae. please send nudes. let’s play pool. breakfast foods.

got into an argument with my brother because all he talks about is women all day and he came at me saying “don’t you call white women your ‘queen’ on the internet”

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