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I do not understand the lack of interest in Open source projects from the general public. I just discovered Dtube and find the idea amazing, but cannot understand why not more creators move there...

Facebook: Oh so sorry we didn't mean to, we will totally not use this requesting superuser totally by mistake you know.

There is a thing stronger than prayers, it's called votes.

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Just got the black theme update this morning on @tom79 my Oled screen thanks you!

Damn P feels good! (If anyone knows how to setup the private DNS hit me up)

I'm getting tired and angry at reading so called articles that are nothing else than a fucking opinion and far stretched deductions crowned with a click bait title. I feel bad for journalism and I worry about actual information burried under all this shit.

Hey everyone, the instance is live on (my cat's name :thinkerguns: ) thanks to @mastohost blazing fast work. Come hang! :blobcat:

Just started with @mastohost ! Really curious to get a sneak peak on the other side :blobmiou:

Is there a way to support your project? I can't help with the code obviously but a Patreon maybe or translation?

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