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removes the headphone jack for a bezeless screen and because it's "old". And then boom, common sense strikes back (and innovation on top of that)

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Mastodon: you shouldn't use Facebook and twitter, they are spying on you and reading through your messages
Also mastodon:

Of course, reading private messages "just in case" is illegal in Europe, but I guess nobody cares.

I didn't know that a company's worth is evaluated depending on how nice you treat analysts. 🤔

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please for the love of god don’t post Kanye’s tweets. Here to escape that shit.

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Guys please consider helping this instance by donating here, for less than a cup of coffee it is a pretty good deal 🙂 :

I'm glad to hear that is going . Makes sense for a company who recycles old and hardware.

And here you go, T-Mobile and Sprint merging. Enjoy your free market with three carriers for the US, that's healthy competition for you!

I like the US' logic. Fuji and Xerox merging hell no!
Sprint and T-Mobile? No problem it's healthy for the market.

What is your client on ? I'm trying and love the design but it eats my battery like it's nothing. Any recommendations?

RT @kristiinakello: A new site for people who want to protect their online, but who aren't that into technology:

It only covers sites and apps that most people need and can use.

Let me know what you think, any feedback welcome, positive or negative.

If you like it, please feel free to share the link, spread the word etc.

I've tried to make as simple and easy to use as possible.

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