Still remembered sitting in the classroom with friends while listening the 5th anniversary song. Now another 5yrs have passed...

The book feels heavy, but actually only has ~400 pages. VERY THICK paper.

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perf record always gives me unexpected hotspots.

Don't trust my intuition anymore...

I never knew that by default ext4 only allows me to have 16M files

2nd dose almost killed me ... (super intense response)

Upgraded BIOS -> Reset TPM -> Locked out by Bitlocker 😇

Looks like it's my Debian not trusting "Apple IST CA 2 - G1"

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Apple also has its own CA? 🤔
(and my browser can't recognize it

Une photo quand j'attendais mon prochain vol. Quality is surprising with Night sight

If Twitter thinks 2FA is not an additional protection besides your email account, why not just provides a 2FA reset button on the web, just like reset password

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I take back my twitter account by contacting Twitter support after losing my 2FA device.

So Twitter support is happy to disable your 2FA if you contact them from your account email. Not sure if I should feel happy now 🤔

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