So the biggest operational security risk at the Zwiebelfreunde e.V. were the tax documents they needed to keep physically because they are a non-profit?

@StuC Looks like it.

Wondering whether the people on the old membership lists the cops took now have to worry about getting raided, too…

@phryk only if they live in Bavaria. I don't believe other police forces will want any part of the shitstorm that's coming.

Bavaria is now to Germany what Hungary is to the EU.

Hm but @qbi got raided as well if I got it right and he lives in Jena in thuringia


@sandzwerg @StuC @phryk I got raided because I am a member of the board. Another person lived in Berlin and was also raided.

My fear is that donors who donated money in a given period could also get a raid. But I haven't heard of any so far.

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@qbi I am sorry to hear that, it must have been very distressing. Do you think this kind of redefines the rules for organisations like zwiebelfreunde? @sandzwerg @phryk

That was the point, to create fear of repression..
Anonymity is not a crime. You are not alone in this! #zwiebelfreude
@sandzwerg @StuC @phryk

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