I already stated that but I really really love the and its "stock" firmware . I really hope that the devlopers especially @JF can keep up their motivation for this project.
And to help at least @JF to keep up his motivation I am now donating 3€ a month to him :).

Please consider to do that too if you also love the infinitime/pinetime project as I do :D

@qbinary Thank you so much for your support 🤩 !

I feel lucky to be surrounded by so many happy users and motivated developers! The PineTime community is awesome!

@JF Yeah the community is exceptionally friendly, peaceful and open minded <3. I really like that. I am also planning to contribute some code in the future. I've already got a devkit but sadly no time yet. I am really looking forward to a closer interaction with the / community in the future :D. But until then I just keep opening issues for ideas I got or bugs I found :). Have a great time ^^

I really, really can't wait for the sealed #PineTime to be back in stock. I'm hoping there won't be further delays.

@normandc @qbinary Single sealed PineTime should be back in stock on July 15, if everything is going well :)

Yes, I read that on the PINE64 product page prior to posting, but it was previously announced for June. Which is why I wrote I was hoping there would be no further delays. Fingers crossed! As I work in the manufacturing industry (not electronics though), I know too well how effed up the situation is right now with regard to material supply.

BTW thanks for your work! 😀

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