I sent this toot from and it showed up here AND on twitter! @matrix

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@matrix I am building "client" that pukes every event in a room to mastodon (and twitter) - It isn' t done yet :D

@qbit @matrix How long until a plug-in that pushes to git so your blog can be updated too?

@abyxcos @matrix That was almost my original goal - I wanted matrix -> blog, mastodon, twitter

still might end up with that (rss would be super easy)

@qbit I want to like Matrix but the poor state of server-side tooling and the Electron clients are disappointing :(

@calvin @qbit It's all open spec and steadily improving. I'd rather go down this road than lock in with Discord.

If it gets momentum going, these issues could be quickly resolved. 😉

@calvin server side has gotten muuuch better (since synapse 0.24) - I run it entirely on OpenBSD! Also the client works great without electron (I also use it on OpenBSD)!

@qbit less perf, more tooling - the Debian packages they had were quite broken; telling you to run the same command that had failed! wasn't impressed with the lack of polish.

@qbit @matrix what? how? where's the Mastodon+Twitter integration with Riot?
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