anyway we're going into 2020 and now more than ever in our lives, please let me encourage you: now is the time to just go completely goddamned hogwild with whatever your Thing is. doesn't matter if anybody else gets it, that ain't the point. just Do You; we're literally approaching the first major Cyberpunk Year from like every sleazy early-mid-90s RPG splatbook and now is not the time to be coy about self-identity.

go apeshit. you wanna be a neon-colored psychedelic fuck-fractal made of infinity scottish voles? do it. be a magical girl. be the edgelord chuuni kid you were shy about being in high school. inherit this sinful earth and hammer your selfhood into a shape you feel comfortable occupying. go for fuckin' broke because if I know one thing it is that only the outlandish will save us

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@hystericempress I think there was a vole fuck-fractal on puzzlebox at one point.

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