Hi. I've been working in teledildonics and sex tech for the past 16 years.


Seriously. Not a joke.

Many of you are bored or scared or both. So, if you're curious about remote intimacy, I'm happy to answer questions, in this thread or in DM.

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@qdot there are patents for remote toy control which make integrations into commercial platforms... dangerous from a legal perspective. and this sucks.
@qdot I'll need to confer with my boss about it. We know Lovense and others have been quite litigious in the past if you try to use their APIs

@qdot What is the one question you most hope someone will ask you about your job, and what is the answer to that question?

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@qdot I'm kind of curious where the whole teledildonics industry stands nowadays. What sort of tech is being developed beyond remote control vibration for dildos/plugs?

@qdot most innovative thing you've seen in sex tech in the last year or so?

@qdot whoa. That's really interesting! Very cool!

@qdot how difficult do you find it to have your CV taken seriously, if at all?

I heard of similar issues for those who work in overlap between pornography and tech: many of us know that sex pushes the boundaries of tech online, but it's hard to fess up to writing that technically interesting web media player when it was for Big Blue Benis Inc.

@qdot How has the changing tech landscape (like better SoCs, etc) shaped your work? How have sexual interactions changed over your career? What do you think the increased isolation will influence your future work?

@qdot @deathmlem I saw someone make a teledildonics setup for NeosVR, and that has me super impressed and excited. I’ve been wanting to try setting something like that up sometime this year.

@qdot @deathmlem You didn’t ask! :P I’m sure you’d do this 200x better than I can. I have some info on how the user here did this, I asked them a few weeks ago!

@qdot @deathmlem Oooh it’s awesome. If you have me on Telegram or even Discord or any messenger, I can share some info about it. Where apps like VRC are basically just instantiated Unity VR multiplayer instances, Neos is almost like running a social Vr all in player mode, with access to most if not all engine editor functions.

@qdot Is there any chance any chance of getting over the internet support in the near future? Either so I can easily control my partner's toy from my apartment, or so we can use one of the linked toys that exist (with the pressure sensors so one buzzes when the other one is used?)

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@qdot Is there anything good in the open source world for securely controlling toys, or is it all proprietary platforms?

How do you get into such an industry? Asking, um, for a friend

@qdot how has your industry reacted to VR? is it going to be a thing in the future, or is it a thing already, or is everyone just kinda not into it?

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