Just order the sex toy, they said.

Ships in discreet, non-obvious packaging, they said.

@qdot Goddamn that label is the best, I might put that label on all outgoing packages from now on

@cathal @qdot

If it's not a username for at least 10 mutuals by 5 PM today I'll be pretty sad.

language-play trashpost re: "discreet, non-obvious packaging" 

@qdot "An aluminum sex toy for gay men's butts? Huh, guess you really can order anything online these days. At least it's easy to sanitize, I guess?"

they still have to tell the customs what exactly is it, and its also discreet enough – not in a translucent glowing cube for everyone withing quarter-mile to see the insides

@qdot "we sneakily hyphenated 'an-al' - how much more discreet could we be?"

@qdot @activationfxn Now I’m wondering what makes it specific to gay butts...

@qdot "Men Gay Butt" presumably means happy butts of men of any orientation 😹

@qdot It's just a typo, they actually meant "discrete packaging". ;)

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