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ok i made mastodon like 1.5x bigger with the browser's zoom feature. i guess that kinda works.

like ooooof. elon hasnt even gained control of it yet and theyre already unbanning some very terrible people back onto the platform

we're not safe there.

twitter is already getting so much worse. holy shit.

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How do I make Mastadon look nicer? It's cluttered with multiple tabs, not really a fan lol

Elon Musk ruins everything he touches. Not that Twitter was good or anything to begin with

Anyone tried GB Studio? It's barebones and very limited since it just came out, but it's a very cool intuitive game maker for actual GameBoy roms.

like, everyones changing instances w/ new accounts and its overwhelming me every time i come back lol

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gosh everyone in different instances following my account. this place feels so fragmented and weird

kirby planet robobot's ost is so fucking good 2 years later

if you could have any gen 7 pokemon in smash bros, who would it be?

i'd have rowlet

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