The white LEDs in the Charliewatch were probably not the right choice - their forward voltage is 3.0V, so once the 2032 or 2450 battery draws down a little bit they dim and turn off, even though the CC430 CPU will run down to 1.8V.

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@qrs higher, consistent temps on reflow would probably help surface tension align those LEDs more nicely. What size are those LEDs? I think I may have a pile of 1206 or 0804 red LEDs in my cabinet (had a spool at some point iirc)

@phooky Without a stencil it was difficult to apply evenly and the small-ish 0603 parts were quite a challenge. Several of the pads didn't have enough and the LEDs tombstoned, others slid around, and the CC430 part had quite a few bridges since there is no solder mask between pins.

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