@qrs i'm not sure if it's chained to a a cannister of poison or moonshine but either way, bold choice

@phooky @qrs it is chained to a piece of Amsterdam's street furniture, a pole to block cars. Well, you can't ride away on this bike, so it's OK for a short stop at broad daylight in Amsterdam. Less so for a longer one, but well, the bike is crap...

@qrs Actually pretty okay. Bike is locked and it's such an unattractive piece of crap, it's much less likely to get stolen. So wrapping the chain around the Amsterdammertje will keep it from falling over. I'll give it a 7/10. Source for score: I lived in Amsterdam for 17 years.


I'm not sure how that bike can protect that pole. If the three x's don't work nothing will.


Maybe the owner went out with friends, they all park outside a shop without locking at all.
The owner's bike just needed slightly better security and the bike will be perfectly protected, Because a random thief would take the easiest and faster target.
This bike was the troublesome to the thief. So it is the safest.
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