Greetings, Amateurs!
The ARRL extends its heartiest greetings to the wireless amateurs of the country on the happy occasion of the lifting of Federal restrictions on amateur receiving. The news that we are to be permitted to resume operating comes as one of the big things resulting from the closing of the Great World War.

It seems to us that in Europe there is war again. We pray that some starry night soon we may again all meet in peace and exchange our greetings from continent to continent as we have done in happier days.

The government hopes that no special radio restrictions will be necessary. As far as the amateur bands are concerned, we recommend (1) that all international contacts be kept strictly to the basis of experiments; (2) no intelligence of any sort be relayed; (3) we not discuss happenings that might have a military significance.

@qrs "This war means more to us radio amateurs than to people in most walks of life, for the simple reason that communication has been our raw material and we have all made countless friends in many foreign countries." - seems not unlike the kind sentiment of community from early computer network hobbyists, back when that was an occupation in itself, instead of a commodity. Very hard to hold up as soon as group communication is involved though.

@qrs Did the military used to transfer in plaintext or something?

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