Mr T pities the fool who doesn't pick fruit by the small flags.

Looks like some sort of winnowing machine.

@qrs bold move to teach a robot equipped with whirring blades about Comic Sans

@qrs maybe something to clean fruit? Looks a little like a much larger system I've seen on a cranberry farm

@qrs something is separated from soil in the tumbler, and sacked on the right hand side. It is stands here, I would say potatoes, but could be anything growing in earth.

@Drops @qrs this is actually a good multiple use idea for this contraption besides compost sifting. I'm only worried about the height of the loading area, for it would need to be much lower but the Dutch are tall people

@qrs 😊 I know this place! This seems to be a bike powered compost sifter. Check out Pluk the CSA sharing the space with Fruituittuin van west

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