Weekend hack: Creating a retrofuture internet terminal by replacing the Motorola MDT-9100's i386SX with a BeagleBone Black and Teensy: trmm.net/MDT9100

@qrs Man this project of yours looks great! Makes me want to tinker more with niche hardware :)

@qrs that is cool! More work than I want to go through really but still cool. What can you tell me about the radios?

@qrs I want to bring this with me to a coffee shop and start typing furiously right next to that guy with the MacBook.

@qrs looks awesome. What do the buttons next to the screen do?

@qrs Well, this made me buy one. Probably will keep it as a 386, though.

@qrs Do you happen to have a photo that shows the CRT designation sticker? Guessing it's something close to 6ABP3 or 150CB4.

@ieure Can you make out the CRT designation from this photo? It looks like it says "TYPE S1???PS28N1".

I think it's S1402P328N1. But that's a somewhat nonstandard designation, so I don't have anything to cross reference in my CRT dataset.

Hoping to find a replacement, since it seems like many of them are burnt quite a bit, and supplies of these types of CRTs are more prevalent than some.

@qrs Oh Man, I'm so glad to see this post again.

That is such a beautiful piece of hardware. Did you get it working with the beaglebone?

@qrs (this just federated to me lol) but wow that machine looks beautiful
@qrs I love it.

Being a software guy, I find the whole LVDS setup really interesting.

Thanks for sharing this!

(reposted at https://lobste.rs/s/t2rsbm/mdt9100 )
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