@platypus I'm imaging a proto-Steve Ballmer shouting "OPERA-TION, OPERA-TION, OPERA-TION"

@conatus Also suitable for making "Space Lasagna" according to a family recipe from Mars' Mariner Valley.

Mr T pities the fool who doesn't pick fruit by the small flags.

Haskell documentation or Markov chain? 

@chrysn That was a helpful guide when I was getting started, although one of my goals is to retain interoperability with Ikea's zigbee gateway and software. My modified firmware is able to adjust the PWM curves while still appearing like a normal device. The end goal is to have the logic in MicroPython, rather than patched binaries.

@marble Ikea is using the Silicon Labs EFR32 "Gecko" board in their Tradfri devices. It's an ARM Cortex M4 core with a Zigbee/BLE/etc 2.4 GHz radio and a PCB antenna.

Spent most of last night trying to fit 110KB of MicroPython along side 200KB of Ember Zigbee stack inside the 256KB flash of the EFR32 used in Ikea's Tradfri smart home devices. That's a bit of a squeeze, even before trying to fit the extra 3KB of data in the 32KB of SRAM.

@welshpixie after filing the PCB notches these two pieces fit together, although that's far too much effort for the entire dodecahedron. Next version will solder together instead.

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