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Cool project from Wakoma: the Nimble - a rapidly deployable, wireless mesh network. Tons of stuff, and completely offline:

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I really hope that #Europe gets rid of its last dictatorship, such a disgrace that we still tolerate #Belarus.

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if you think about it, most modern applications are just semantic sugaring on the basic process of applying CSS to SQL queries

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@kuketzblog hey :)
Ich lese gerade den Blogeintrag über deine Empfehlungen.
Und bei Email Anbieter-Empfehlungen wollte ich fragen ob in deinen Augen etwas gegen spricht, bzw. ob du diesen Dienst kennst.
Nutze protonmail selber und was ich darüber gelesen habe schein alles in Ordnung zu sein mit diesem Unternehmen.

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Apparently, the TLS certificate Deutsche Bahn used internally for their hotspot portal on their trains has expired.. and they’re unable to update it remotely, because the certificate for their maintenance portal has also expired 🙈

Rumor has it the “updated” certificate chain will have to be installed manually.. in every train. All of them.

30 year old whiskz flavored click and roll cigarette lol

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#LPT on your iPhone or iPad, you can and should install #lockdown. It's a kind of firewall that blocks traffic to Facebook (SDK), Google ad analytics and a lot more of those nasty trackers that are out to kill your privacy. It's #OpenSource, ofcourse.

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