Why do I pay an education cess?
My Cess & Tax must be used for .
not for building statues & for his Highness Mr @narendramodi@twitter.activitypub.actor 's Foreign Visit !

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One of the most important things happening on the Left right now in Bengal is the anti-NRC march that was kicked off from Kurseong in Darjeeling yesterday and will reach Calcutta on the 9th. Some photographs.

Please join and support them wherever in Bengal you are if you can

“Mastodon Social, the social media platform which has gained popularity in India recently, on November 14 suspended an account of the Assam Police reportedly citing that “cops are not welcome”.



Let’s see how many of you will #boost this! :0140:

The Indian government will now only release data that support its own narrative, even if this messes up the entire statistical system. With such denial, there's no hope for effective policy response to the economic crisis. m.hindustantimes.com/india-new

On Mastodon "every toot is seen equally". This is democratic! 🙌🏾

Twitter's algorithms that boost & hide accounts based on "quality" are inherently fascist. 🔥

Bernie should migrate from billionaire-owned social media so we can all see each other & communicate freely. That move is not a retreat from Twitter. If anything it allows us to work more effectively on corporate platforms.

Mastodon is a necessary stronghold, as we head into another rigged primary. Join us: mastodon.social/invite/fBRpCSg

You are not insomniac, you are just not able to stop scrolling.

Do you other Indians on Mastodon know that Malayalam is the language and Malayali is the speaker/native of Kerala?

Because I had a hard time correcting people on the birdsite.

Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. Abdullah then enacted sweeping land reforms which essentially cost him the PM's office.

Article 370 was slowly whittled away by the Congress and was finally scrapped by the BJP government. Know that India's only excuse before the world for ruling a Muslim-majority disputed region was that they gave the region autonomy. India no longer has that excuse.

I understand that the Sangh and its supporters hate Nehru for all the wrong reasons but lets not pretend

Watch "Sher ki dahad || D pride || beat by vintageman production" on YouTube

Brahmin lady now compares doctors gloves for sterile treatment with casteist rituals..... Fuck, i am living with stone age monkeys.

what is the most poisonous snake?

India will rise when Antilla will fall!

Save my toot!

As a journalist, you are not supposed to be "Neutral" when reporting.

You are supposed to be non-partisan but definitely not Neutral

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IIT Madras is becoming a death trap for students.

In the last 15 months alone, 6 students have committed suicide on this campus. twitter.com/SFI_CEC/status/119

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Modi's move to send tens of thousands of troops to suppress the Valley has devastated region's precious Saffron crop. wsj.com/articles/kashmirs-1-00 via @WSJ@twitter.com

I've been shitting on Birdsite but I just can't do Instagram also youguys. I don't know why, but it just makes me feel so sad, anxious and depressed whenever I go there.

There is something majorly wrong with my relationship with SM. -_-

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