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Who of you feels connected to the idea of ?

boost for yes, star for no

connect yourself with others doing the same

and join in on

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people suffer not because we're not having enough .
people suffering of hunger because we live in a system based on concurence instead of .
30% of all food is getting wasted while every view secounds a child dies as a result of starvation.

...and still ppl come with sick arguments like:
- we need to solve this problem
- we're to much humans on earth

...fuckin sick. We're just to much ignorant dickheads on earth. So please do us a favour and leave!

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v1.4.2 released with many important bug fixes as well as features, such as customizing web UI columns and deleting your own account

Upgrade notes: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/


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I wrote a Mastodon tutorial on Tumblr for folks who're considering joining but don't really know what to do:


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Folks on witches.town: You will need to approve follower requests. Otherwise folks can't follow you.


If you don't do this then folks won't be able to follow you. They'll still be able to see your posts if they search on you, but your posts wont show up in their stream.

#information #mastodon

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[fr] Félicitation à l’équipe Morevna pour avoir achevé leur dérivation en “BD Animé” (Motion Comic) de l’épisode 6 de Pepper&Carrot “Le Concours de Potion”. En tant qu’auteur, ça fait sacrément drôle d’entendre parler et gesticulé mes personnages. Bonne séance!

[en] Congratulation to the Morevna team on finishing their "Motion Comic" derivation of "The Potion Contest" !

#artwithopensource #b3d #krita

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Formal president of Viciente Fox speaks to about the wall.

Hola Donald, it's me.
we need to get something straight between our two countries.

- mexico is not going to pay for this monument
- the wall will make weaker
- US will loose respect in the world
- instead of building a wall for 25 billions you could provide clean water for the entire world 3 years long
- ...

watch out on Fox he's center-right partie org. [wikip.]

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is the answer to which deviding us in economic categories.
It follows a different logic and comes through culture with shifting minds.

- it's sharing instead of traiding
- it's caring instead of profit
- it's what can I do, instead of what can I get
- it's what do we need, instead of what do I want

'we can't solve problems with the same pattern we've created them'

- it's and instead of twitter


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@wion welcome to the . and don't forget to use hashtags when you toot about so that commeners can better connect. :)

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The Pyra handheld (successor to the Open Pandora) is getting sooo close to being production ready, I cannot wait!

I encourage everyone to take a look at this amazing community-powered hardware project. Open software, possibly even open hardware, open development with frequent and in-depth news about progress. They encourage modding and offer replacement and upgrading parts (e.g. CPU). Worth supporting, in my opinion!

pyra-handheld.com/ mastodon.social/media/zkKGw8sz

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I'm currently working on an article about the pan-Asian response to Taiwan's ruling on same-sex marriage and I'm looking for people - especially LGBTQ women & non-binary people - from across Asia to interview. (I'm including ex-Soviet Bloc/Eurasia in this, such as Armenia, Cyprus, or Georgia.)

I'm especially looking for people from Brunei, Bahrain, Afghanistan, and Bhutan since finding them has been tricky, but anyone from any Asian country works too.

Please boost & share!

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ME: Give it to me straight, doctor. Do I have... is it...

DOCTOR: Yes, I'm afraid it's true. You have... Node.JS.

ME: No! No! Anything but that!

DOCTOR: I prescribe five conference panels and a rigorous course of bikeshedding

Status Update - I’ve been diagnosed with dysthymia. I’ve been on medication since past week. The one I... t.co/RIkhBJ7XgZ

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I wish the "Do not ask me again" option existed in real life.

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