god damn it. why do people still follow this old .social account

unfollow it for god's sake

Reminder that I'm @quad@masto.quad.moe now.

.social decided to suspend that account for some reason. So it's impossible to follow from .social. Therefore you might have to find a better instance before you'll be able to follow my real account.

@quad@masto.quad.moe is now a thing.

Currently in single user mode because don't trust me with your data before I get backups and crap working

Already passed 100 followers on mastodon, wow.
Too bad I'll probably have to abandon this account sometime

Shutting down servers on Scaleway takes ages man. They really need to fix that someday.

Been waiting 15 minutes for a server with one volume to shut down.

I've seen a single server take as long as 7 hours to shut down. It's ludicrous

@angristan How strict are your "Social justice" policies on mstdn.io?

I wanna move instances, but not to one that will ban me for something like using the word "nigger" or tooting "controversial" things. Such as these:

Considering just using the domain masto.quad.moe for an instance but it's not as smooth with a subdomain

Guess I should still set up my own mastodon instance.

I did it earlier, but couldn't sign up because it didn't wanna be friends with my SMTP server. Was too lazy to troubleshoot at the time though

The one thing that worries me about mastodon is how strict most the instances are actually gonna be.

If you can't even make a meme with the word "nigger" in it we definitely won't be replacing Twitter

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Wait, are we caught up? ARE WE REAL TIME?!

I think this instance has finally stopped lagging out. Nice

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dear @LanceUlanoff

nobody but the media cares or really wants Twitter to become a news network
you are the only people who think Twitter completely ruining it's social workings in favor of 400 people is making twitter better


I'm gonna try running a mastodon instance on a raspberry pi and hope it doesn't cause the end of the world

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wikipedia: give us $1 so that we can provide u with the world's knowledge

me: u can fuck urself my guy

mastodon: hey our shitpost site is getting a little slow

me: how much of my family's inheritance do u need

Oh my god guys, I just noticed that if you set your toot to be unlisted instead of public, the button says TOOT instead of TOOT! (Note the !) mastodon.social/media/nkT8XJ8b mastodon.social/media/U9rWUIi7

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