Is there a guide somewhere on when to use content warnings? I've seen some for photos with eye contact, some for political stuff, all sorts of things and a lot I wouldn't have thought to use. I don't want to upset someone accidentally. Should I put them on my DS9 reviews for instance? I don't think there are any spoilers in those (especially for a series over 20 years old).

@nomiddlename I don't know of an official list, but I've seen people ask for CWs for photos of food and critters like insects and spiders... The CW is also nice sometimes cause it's like a summary or headline and makes the TL look cleaner. So if I see it's something I'm not interested in I won't click on it, even if I don't regard it as offensive.

@quadrusl I just feel this site is a lot more respectful and polite than Twitter, and I don’t want come across as rude because I didn’t know I should cw something. I guess I’ll figure it out over time 🤷‍♂️


@nomiddlename It wasn't hard to leave Twitter behind as Mastodon is a much friendlier environment. It's also nice how many people add image descriptions for visually impaired members. As for CWs - I expect people will let us know if we use them too sparingly. And most likely they will do so in a polite way. 🙂

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