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Quasicrystals @quasi_crystals@mastodon.social

seed phrase: Red deer Gorilla Butterfly Chicken Dolphin (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/1568790996.gif )

seed phrase: Frog Kouprey Kangaroo Porcupine Gorilla (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/2933520172.gif )

seed phrase: Octopus Turkey Salmon Shark Caterpillar (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/1083014529.gif )

seed phrase: Red panda Goshawk Rat Vicuña Quelea (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/3308222977.gif )

seed phrase: Elephant seal Caribou Turtle Goat Falcon (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/3429506604.gif )

seed phrase: Gnat Scorpion Goldfish Baboon Rabbit (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/561571044.gif )

seed phrase: Komodo dragon Chimpanzee Galago Dunlin Cod (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/1626255022.gif )

seed phrase: Elephant Wolverine Cormorant Porcupine Penguin (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/1582004923.gif )

seed phrase: Jay, Blue Raven Ferret Peafowl Oyster (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/310871844.gif )

seed phrase: Caribou Goshawk Badger Dolphin Walrus (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/2601652131.gif )

seed phrase: Wolverine Pony Woodcock Dunlin Sea lion (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/2138794036.gif )