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Quasicrystals @quasi_crystals

seed phrase: Caribou Goshawk Badger Dolphin Walrus (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/2601652131.gif )

seed phrase: Squid Wolf Beaver Cheetah Dog (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/3481808448.gif )

seed phrase: Wolverine Pony Woodcock Dunlin Sea lion (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/2138794036.gif )

seed phrase: Moose Pheasant Llama Fly Goldfinch (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/3197970166.gif )

seed phrase: Finch Crocodile Ostrich Deer Dinosaur (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/4161142212.gif )

seed phrase: Wolf Cat Dotterel Grasshopper Octopus (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/399378986.gif )

seed phrase: Red panda Caribou Wolf Ferret Echidna (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/2455557058.gif )

seed phrase: Coyote Wasp Jay Beaver Llama (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/2413279214.gif )

seed phrase: Oryx Panther Rhinoceros Raccoon Ferret (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/1982219211.gif )

seed phrase: Rhinoceros Seal Whale Beaver Monkey (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/2281784857.gif )

seed phrase: Opossum Butterfly Albatross Caterpillar Worm (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/932512639.gif )

seed phrase: Otter Kouprey Spider Ass Partridge (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/3478953757.gif )

seed phrase: Cheetah Galago Caribou Flamingo Cod (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/3001657113.gif )

seed phrase: Hippopotamus Lyrebird Hummingbird Cheetah Dove (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/812208761.gif )

seed phrase: Locust Coyote Shrimp Pigeon Mosquito (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/3669569843.gif )

seed phrase: Clam Caterpillar Mosquito Giraffe Zebra (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/3824213032.gif )

seed phrase: Lemur Okapi Camel Viper Shark (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/3600290578.gif )

seed phrase: Squid Crane Worm Jay Sea lion (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/237060490.gif )

seed phrase: Armadillo Ox Dunlin Snake Owl (HQ: halcy.de/quasi/3346249071.gif )