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Hat tip to @rysiek for sharing this link.

To any of my fellow US-ians concerned about our election going sideways, please have a look at the following.


Let's hope all that advice becomes irrelevant soon.

Join me in celebrating 30 years of @eff fighting for our online privacy and free speech eff.org/EFF30

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Ahem, let me try that again. I had some ideas over the last few years about what you could do to create a relatively novel news experience. Some of them I think have already happened, some of them might actually be *bad* ideas. But all of them might prompt other ideas of yours! oblomovka.com/wp/2020/07/20/sp

@mkb Heyo! Are you still watching SC2? Something inexplicable happened and I've started playing again AND watching this GSL somewhat avidly.

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It says something about the times that Darkest Dungeon―a grim tactics game about suffering, fear, and hubris―has become my comfort game.

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Here it is! The grand finale of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships!

Should Python really be able to defend its title? Is C still the lingua franca of programming in 2020?

You decide!

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I'm playing Factorio again. Using a new mod called Gear Girl Character, that replaces the engineer with a female version. Animations are ok given that it was released yesterday, and I got used to it after a while.

#factorio :boost_ok:

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So I’ve been using a much more simple, cut-down non-Gnome/KDE for I guess a year or so now? And I have to say it’s a tribute to all the coders working in the bigger Linux desktops that I can still do almost everything from the command-line too.

I’m not being sarcastic! It takes a lot of careful thought to make sure others aren’t being left out (or accept patches that help people who aren’t your main audience).

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chicken tikka maheartburn

Can I trouble someone running macOS Catalina (who is able/willing to run Tor Browser 9) to test a website for me briefly for a visual bug?

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E. is dressing as a firefighter for Halloween (with a shiny, tool-laden "Fire Chief" jacket) and this weekend we went to a low-key, public Halloween event.

She received a handful of lingering, sort of curious, vaguely chilly looks from girls her age that I noted but couldn't grasp, until an adult cheered her and her costume in a "heck yeah, girls rule" kind of way.

It dawned on me then that the curiosity she was receiving could have been around gender performance.

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A latino owned, queer-friendly, majority-femme software company that builds education software for Montessori schools is hiring a full-time engineer, either on-site in Seattle or remote. ~2ish years experience either in Rails or React preferred.

They're very synchronous and face-to-face pairing/discussion oriented but work well with introverts such as myself.

Boosts appreciated. HMU if you want an intro or go tohttps://www.transparentclassroom.com/developers



kiddo casually read the word "BOO" yesterday and I absolutely exploded with pride

side note: there appears to be no TV trope for exactly this

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i did the thing where you have a weird day and it's due to unknowingly having decaf in the morning


"Divinuet is a game for PC and Mac that generates music based on tarot readings. Please consider backing and/or sharing the campaign if you're interested in tarot, interactive music, and/or indie games!"


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is October 4 & 5 in -- you can volunteer to attend for free docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI , and this year they'll have live captioning (CART) and American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation 2019.pygotham.org/about/access 2019.pygotham.org/2019/09/03/c . beginners, experts, & everyone in between are welcome. Tickets are 90+% sold out. If you're interested, sign up soon.

@mkb I'm back to watching pro Starcraft 2 again ARE YOU HAPPY NOW

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I'm running a day long workshop at Radical Networks in NYC Oct 18 -- it's about how to run a small social network site for a small community. We're going to be making a (probably temporary) fediverse server for the "community" of our classroom and navigating all the social issues that arise when people with only surface things in common (like "we got tickets for this workshop") try to make an online space for themselves. radicalnetworks.org/participan

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