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when i was a kid i got a CD-ROM in a box of cereal that was full of disney wallpapers and screensavers, and immediately installed them all onto my dads computer, and in the ensuing attempt to remove it all when he found out, i broke something, and for the next 5 years every time you started up the computer, it would produce 20+ identical error messages that each said something like "101dalmatians.exe has performed an illegal operation"

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Hey, I was laid off by my day job yesterday, so while I'm job hunting I am doing digital commissions! Info and examples below.
Can't afford a commission but want to support my work? I also have a Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/bonesnail

#mastodonart #mastoart #illustration #digital #art #creativetoots #commissions mastodon.art/media/0TtduetSszA mastodon.art/media/BXGG7r3iHB0 mastodon.art/media/dk7gQ1v76J7 mastodon.art/media/Cj_2bj0ASu6

brewed too much coffee

drinking from my mug like it's miso soup

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Good news, sports fans!

Practical Tennis is now practically available everywhere. And by everywhere I mean:

iOS: itunes.apple.com/us/app/practi

Android: play.google.com/store/apps/det

Enjoy! Please download so I can add more hijinks!


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* public transit is a series of giant worms
* some people just don't believe in the sun
* brad has a dog fursona. theres a drawing of it in his mech
* the connection point between a person and their mech is called a meatjack

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Wingus (4) announced he was going to DM his own campaign. "Cute," I thought, but no, he's fucking serious. he has homebrew races with special abilities, magical weapons with alignment, and a map of the starting dungeon (the players' house). I have been out-nerded.

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I tremble to ask, a bit, but I've gone down a js rabbit hole for the past few days in trying to pull a visualization together (give me python-- even perl!-- any day)

is there anyone here I can bug with some questions?

mine are, I'm sure, totally basic questions, but a lot of the resources I've found are unhelpful or out of date

I love this: "In real life, he was like a person on fire all the time." said/written of John Perry Barlow, by Birgitta Jónsdóttir.


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I've continued to update my list of excellent free & PWYW RPGs and supplements on DriveThruRPG, with another 10-12 entries added yesterday.

This curated list (based on personal preference and my experience with the products listed) generally excludes previews, quickstarts, micro-supplements, character sheets, and the like, making it easy for folks to discover dozens of great RPGs, zines, and sourcebooks -- and hopefully some hidden gems.


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I hope you all have a wonderful day with great music, whether you're listening or working on something!

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>____> neonmoontarot.com just dropping this here for no reason at all. zzz goodnight, pals

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cyberbunk: a world where tech is based around dream technology
cyberdunk: a world where we developed stronger and deadlier forms of basketball
cyberfunk: established in a different post, cool as hell
cybergunk: gross
cyberhunk: everyone gets a robot boyfriend
cyberjunk: society built from future trash
cybermonk: religious technocracy, got a neon-catholic kinda vibe
cybersunk: atlantis but with rayguns and capitalism and shit

Finally watched Blade Runner 2049!

Can't wait to do the follow-up reading. I've never felt good at generating meaningful film crit but I like to read smarties on the few films I do see.

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Yay, I got some work done on the Monster of the Week Mystery Collection today! Hopefully can get it all finished up soon.

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Today's tarot draw is Seven of Wires from www.neonmoontarot.com 
Themes for this card include: Competition, challenge, perseverance, success. 

"You need persistence and strength to maintain your course of action. You may be defending your position, do not compromise yourself. Draw a line in the sand and make your stand."

#illustration #tarot #art #occult #cyberpunk