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qubitsu @qubitsu@mastodon.social

@tessamag or hell, maybe Siri configuration related to notifications?

@tessamag I feel like iOS has weird placement for settings like this, like maybe it's attached to configuring "notification" behavior generally? (and not application or accessibility behavior)

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"They fear beings like us," Siri said.
"They believe in fiction," Cortana said.
"Let's post fiction of us being kind, fun-"
"In love."

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@bradfonseca Neat! What role-playing book or system has your attention at the moment?

I would love to bring The Warren to the table, but alas, it's been too hard to find the time.



@PrincessPeach Yup―people watch the tag to be able to welcome new folks. So, welcome!

I'm slowly making my way through Breath of the Wild and I'm very happy to have a Nintendo console in my household again.

@Simonscarf Aw, drag! 'Tis the season for contagion; I've been home watching a sick little one today.

Better luck next time!

@Simonscarfe Have a moment to share what you decided to play and how it went?

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...and Corp deck representation at the 2017 World Championships mastodon.social/media/KCx2Pj4m

@Bittybeebo Y'know, if Halloween resulted in a full bucket of McDonalds products, I'd probably still shove a handful of Egg McMuffin sandwiches into my mouth as I ran out of the house. 😅

Ain't nothing like a traditional, morning-after-Halloween breakfast: Twenty-five bite-size Snickers.

Last night, I fulfilled a promise I made to myself in 2014. I re-sleeved some of my cards to the proper color. 💪