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So a question: how much tabletop crossover do we have here? How many of us are TTRPG people, how many are board game people, how many are card game people, etc.?

I obviously love TTRPGs and I like to play board games when I can get enough friends together to do so. Not much of a card player, though.

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My potted view on adding extra ethical clauses to open source licenses: you should totallytry it out! But (and this is something that the GPL's aikido hides), the point of FLOSS licenses is to bypass the problems that ideas of intellectual property insert into the free flow of digital information. So, you get to add your clauses, but you will also end up with the friction and unintuitive consequences of IP law.

This has, historically, Not Gone Well. But who knows what the future holds?

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@runciblemoon I've played against myself a couple of times just to get a feel for the decision-making and rhythm of it.

It has not totally grabbed me in the way that Netrunner and Star Wars: Destiny instantly did, but I remain very intrigued and happy about my pre-orders.

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@runciblemoon Have you tried anything on Tabletop Simulator? The community is playing pretty avidly on there. (It's frankly kind of dizzying how much of the game experience is accessible.)

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tarot is rigged. they don't even let you bring your own deck to counter their attacks. how are you supposed to win

@clinkingdog I have bought the card boxes, but the sleeving... Apex save me, the sleeving...

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I guess one serious post I will make is this: there is a real movement to threaten, endanger, and literally kill journalists for doing their jobs. The tactics (doxing, stalking, calls for doxing and stalking, death threats, lies or misleading statements in order to stir people up) are replicable and are being replicated. This is now part of the job description. It shouldn’t have to be. The only allies we have are members of the public who can discern and call out dishonesty.

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@theoutrider the legendary Italian supercar, Ferraro Toblerone

@archmage Indeed. It's played a pretty big role (I think it's actually a 3x but the replacement didn't make it to the ndb version), but there may be another way. 💭💭💭

@archmage Yup, MU can be an issue. I think this naive build is probably too inefficient, buuut I'd say that the deck tries to do enough with any combination of those programs installed at any given moment in the game.

When the rig is working, then cards are easily trashed to Zer0 while looking for econ or other efficiencies. If the rig is locked out, then somewhere in the deck there's a version of the rig that isn't.

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