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tired: wired
wired: wireless
inspired: either inspireless or inswired, I haven't quite figured out this joke format. send help

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Started turning some of my data visuals into 3d prints. Thought I'd share! This is a density map of where baseballs are hit on the field


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Update about videos working in toot previews in Discord: Talked to Discord devs about it, they won't do anything until they add video proxying to their media proxy. So currently only whitelisted domains show videos inline. Weh

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i have concluded that MediaWiki markup actively resists memorisation. It is a free concept, unbindable by human minds.

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Any #baseball #sabermetrics fans out there? Last year my team made scorecards for the entire MLB postseason. Example below and interactive version at projects.two-n.com/baseball (desktop only).

Sleeving up cards from my newly purchased Terminal Directive campaign expansionnnTHIS GAME IS SO COOL mastodon.social/media/dBxyJjnV

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Come on down to Mastodon, we've got slimes, witches, kobolds, communists, animes, catgirls, catboys, all the genders, a lobster

It's so neat to see the influx of users from vis.social.

It's also neat that having topic- and community-driven instances enables this kind of phenomenon. It reminds me of stumbling on newsgroups, mailing lists, IRC channels, and forums for various topics.

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Hey friends, please can someone give me some constructive criticism of this mini-project I'm setting up?

It's to help disabled people get the support they need in their lives (for free).

There are two forms you can fill in, one for support you need and one for support you can offer. there's also a spreadsheet that has all the info of who needs what help and who can offer what help etc. etc.

The idea is that I'll connect people who have similar support needs/"capabilities".


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The departing of Ms. Le Guin also reminded me of a project creating musical albums inspired by, or as soundtracks to, science fiction works: "Sine Fiction". it was a sublabel of canadian No-Type.



No-Type was one of the first netlabels if not the first one that (seemingly) didn't spring out of the demoscene/trackergroups. Since 1998.

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hey does anyone have any tips for gluing #miniatures (or anything similar really)? just did a #bloodbowl ogre and it was my first time actually gluing instead of just like, snapping things in and hoping they don't fall apart

it was a moderate success i suppose but it was a pretty slow process and my fingers kept getting stuck together. i've ideally got 24+ more of these to do if i glue the figures that came in the starter set and i'm wondering if there are any secret techniques i'm missing

#tabletop #gaming #gameing #warhammer #games #crafting #crafts

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Morning arrived like a mouse with a big old rack of antlers—majestic as all get out, but completely incapable of getting anywhere because of one critical vowel.

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petition to rename synthesizer people "moogles"

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I’m collecting data about Web users who use page zoom and/or change their browser font size, to help make better accessibility decisions at work. Please fill out this survey and boost!


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retoot: #question: Is there a mastodon instsnce for playing #pen&paper? 🤔

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The problem is that my ability to punch MRA techbros in the mouth is centralized only to my own fists. We need to decentralize this motivation into many different fists.

Darkest Dungeon on is the jam and I think I might actually finish the game this time around due to the sheer convenience.

That said, two small gripes:

Fonts are tiny!

Controller-based commands are a little convoluted, which is forgivable―there are lots of states in that game! But it feels like it will eventually be intuitive.

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Husband: Are you mad at me? You look angry.

Me: I'm working in CSS.

Husband: Oh! Ok. That explains that then.