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Interesting. Mastodon doesn't notify you if someone from a federated network follows you.

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If you've updated to the new #Amaroq and are wondering where your Local Timeline went, don't worry. Go to Federated Timeline. In the top right there's a mode switcher to toggle between Federated and Local.

Anyone here have a Chromebook and like it? We have the touch screen Dell ones at work. Just not a fan.

When my work computer is down. Which is often. They give me a loaner Chromebook with an 11" screen and my eyes can't take it.

I'm getting a new work computer July 1st. Which is the beginning of the fiscal year. Because if they bought it now we'd go broke apparently.

Having a new personal laptop is great. Until I go to work and try to use my work computer that was manufactured in 2009.

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How do I get to that thing that checked my tweetie contacts to see if they're on Masto? I used it once, back before everyone in the universe joined. I'd like to check again.

The bird site is distracted with ESPN layoffs. My Royals are bad at baseball right now. So what's good Mastodon?

Home timeline not working for me right now...

Amaroq update looks great. Functionality is a bit buggy right now but I like the design.

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There is no policy mandating the use of content warnings (not to be confused with NSFW on images) on It's between you and your followers. You shouldn't demand that someone use it for politics (but I believe politely asking is OK)

Every couple years I try to figure out the whom thing. I spend 20 minutes reading about it and decide I'm not smart enough yet. Please check back in 2019.

Don't mind me, I'm just here listening to some classic rock by The Whom.

I always use "who". Never "whom" because I'm not smart enough to know when to use it properly. Maybe I should go exclusively to whom.

This wasn't rhetorical. Where do I start? Choose my adventure.

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