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I almost commented on a Facebook political post. I'm not that bored yet.

I like The Who because I can relate to the lyrics. Example: I'm always noticing the suppleness of pinball players wrists.

If I could be one TV character I'd be the other Darryl.

Do you get a free bike with every Volkswagen purchase?

The new Sleep Number caskets are distasteful.

Social distancing bonus for my neighbor with the Toyota Highlander. It'll be months before they hear "There can be only one..." from me.

My wife made me a PB&J sandwich. The crust was not cut off. It was not cut in half. STOP TREATING ME LIKE AN ADULT!

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Apparently, my head is the wrong shape to live, because there is literally no way to put on a cloth facemask in such a way that it doesn't fog up your glasses every single time you take a breath.

April fool's day is over. We can go back to believing everything we read on the internet.

I’m too bored not to skate. And too old to be skating this much.

Mallrats. Earl. Whatever you know him from he’s still got those old skate skills.

Last time I was here was Dec. 2017. I'm lost. But hey, lets get weird.

Man this place has a learning curve. I forgot about that.

Haven't been here in a long time. Quarantine got me reviving old things.

Haven't tooted since June. What on earth is going on over here?

The Apple iOS is stale and hasn't changed much in 10 years. BUT THEY'RE REDESIGNING THE APP STORE!!!

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