Just posting here that I'm going to close this account. I don't use it, I can be found over at @queenofsquiggles@tech.lgbt
I'll also try setting up the account migration now that the influx is over and the servers aren't struggling to keep up

I'm probably going to be moving accounts soon. I should have probably considered that with the Twitter fiasco today, there would be a huge influx of new accounts. I'm hoping to find a good instance for game developers and Linux stuff. At least I have an account to go off of for now. I'll be doing some "shopping around" :BlobHajMlem: I'm loving the emoji set here!

Hello, World! 

I decided to give mastodon a try. I'm not exactly moving away from Twitter so I will likely post on both for now. I'm liking the expanded character limit and better image displays here so that will work better for when I post updates for my games. The only reason I'm not going all into mastodon is because of the people still on Twitter. But I like the ethos here so I'm excited to see how it works for me and my content :BlobhajTinyHeart:


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