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if something happens to me, like the rona gets me, i only have one request: AVENGE ME.

man, that dude has scrubbed everything relating to Black people prior to last year. such a piece of shit pond scum. anyway, bully zaid online if you get bored.

hmmm i take it back. zaid has been scrubbing his account because you can only find other people responding to our convo. i guess folks kept finding it because i kept reminding him. anyway, zaid jilani hates Black folk.

my account was suspended but you can still see zaid's half of the agrument if you search him and @AgeJustNumbers (i think that was my @ then - otherwise just queenoftheleft). his argument was that the fbi arrested more Black people, ergo, Black people commit more crimes. brilliant. he is a cancer.

cannot express my joy that people are FINALLY seeing zaid jailini for the racist, rightwing shitheel i have been warning he was for at least 4 years. dude literally argued with me on twitter that Black people actually do commit more crime. he's scum of the earth and should never be paid to pontificate again.

y'all, i got on facebook and family started following me.

i was so scared.

oh. so nooooowww everyone wants to see zaid jalaini for the anti-Black bigot he is? i have only been on this for about half a decade, but better late than never, eh?

kitten literally has a black spot on his nose shaped like a heart.

@queenoftheleft Next year's Darwin Awards are going to be LIT. My money says the '21 Darwin Award will go to the people of the USA, en masse.

@queenoftheleft What a strange, interesting face. Amazing eyes.

I've always thought that cats were natural-born "therapy" or "emotional support" animals.

i see zaid jailani is showing his latent anti-black racism all over twitter again. he is one bigot i wish would get cancelled, but his middle eastern complexion somehow earns him pass after pass. i had arguments with this prick YEARS ago about his blatant racial biases, yet still he keeps going with it...

until the left or the marginalized communities show up ARMED to all protests, police will keep abusing them. pigs do not shoot armed protesters, not even black ones. facts. unarmed protests are basically invitations to be mistreated by cops.

i seriously think i could train him in search and rescue. he is so smart. already learning to fetch after 2 days of practice. either that or as a therapy cat, because he's the sweetest kitten i have ever had.

based on the orders to my restaurant this weekend, we can expect a big surge in positive coronavirus cases in alabama within the next month. there is a collective psychosis happening here - folks have decided, en masse, that coronavirus is over and everything is "normal" again. i am a bit terrified and a ton disgusted.

nukes • anti-war and anti-capitalism go hand in hand 

In 2019, the world collectively spent $72.9 billion on nuclear weapons. Both constructing and maintaining them. A small handful of wealthy governments spend $138,700 every minute just to keep having something that no one really wants or needs.

And that’s completely absurd.

our government is heavily investing in face recognition software, software which becomes useless if folks are walking around in masks. the anti-mask brigade is an astroturfed movement to prevent us from blocking their software. that's it and that's all.

the coolest thing about 9/11 being an inside job is how obvious they made it. the nist paper on why the towers collapsed was published on 9/13/01. anyone working in science knows that doesn't happen. ever. they had the paper written and peer-reviewed prior to the event. only way.

i cannot identify this one. no name when i ordered. guy claimed it bears fruit, but heck if i know. i just liked it an got it. anyone know?

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