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Jenn, Mother of Possums

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Ok, so I have started a silly new project. Feel free to join me on this grand adventure in making toddler lit fight it out.

(Uta Hagen is the only acting book I’ve read.)

(Also iPhone knows to autocorrect Uta Hagen.)

I would not have guessed that Jim Carrey is a method actor.

I wonder if he’s read Uta Hagen.

Ah geez I didn’t know Milos Forman directed Man In The Moon, R.I.P.

(I don't really know what number 1 is either.)

(Its basically tied for 2nd with all the serious-actor-Jim-Carrey movies.)

Man In The Moon is low-key one of my favorite movies of all time so I'm honestly annoyed it's taken me this long.

Fiiiiinally getting around to watching Jim & Andy.

I didn't know Jim Carrey was trying out for a Kris Kristofferson biopic.

Trying to teach baby to say please.

Baby: Cup!

Me: What’s the magic word?

Baby: Cup!

Me: Yes, but what do we say?

Baby: Say!

Me: 😒

@queenpossum Navidson Playhouse (some assembly required; outside dimensions 6 x 6 x 5; inside dimensions ? x ? x ?)

Haha I just got smacked in the face with poison ivy, FML.

Baby just brought over a new book for storytime: House of Leaves.


What have I become
How is your car
We’ll leave in the morn
Beat the traffic, driving far

And you could have it all
Disappointed, not mad
I won’t let you down
I will be a dad

I wear this crown of jorts
Upon my folding chair
Full of dad advice
I give because I care

tired: shop 'til you drop
wired: bread 'til you're dead

Debating taking baby to the farmers market so I can blow his mind with a produce section the size of our Kroger.