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Pokémon fusion, sexy Magikarp cosplay, a Speedo 

Oh my god, I just noticed that underneath "my ear comes off!" it says "give it to someone you love."

swamp thing
you made my car stink
you got everything... goopy

politics (+) new awesome Ravelry policy 

I legitimately wonder sometimes what Van Gogh would've thought of the memification of his mental illness.

I'm supposed to be working on a short story for an anthology some friends are putting together, but then I stumbled upon an old draft of another story I never finished and I'm having a hard time not going back to that instead.

This is like, reverse writers block or something.

Kids advertising in the 90s might have been terrible from an ethical point of view, but at least it had the decency to be really really weird and that's not nothing.

Oh man, I just found out that they're making a Fear Street movie and I'm so annoyed that all of those shitty old books aren't super cheap on Kindle right now because I want to reread all of them.

body horror mention update 

Shout out to the two moms talking loudly at the playground about all the things they've been kinkshamed for.

A cop just called me asking for donations. I said I wasn't interested and he hung up on me.

Hope we're not about to start getting harassed by cops!

The joy of the 99¢ matchbox car bin at kids consignment stores is that its a cheap way to get your kid out of the toy section and to the check out.

The downside is that sometimes you have to explain to your toddler why he can't have the cool orange sports car with the red and blue X on the roof. :yikes:

Me in December: Oh man, little guy loves the Nutcracker, we should get him ballet tickets next year.

Me now that the tickets have actually gone on sale: Fuuuuu it's June I don't want to think about this.

[getting married to both members of LMFAO] party rockers are my spouse tonight

Further update: We're now at six fire trucks hauling ass down our street in the last 10 minutes.

Update: the dog has crawled inside my chest cavity to hide in case it happens again.

Lightning just hit so close to our house that the thunder knocked a painting off the wall. So that's new.

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