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Ray Wise's agent is to be commended, because he is always perfectly cast in whatever he's in.

Nobody told me Ray Wise shows up in Sabrina. This is glorious.

Hoodie sizing chart:

Smol - good for earbuds
Med - good for low profile sporty headphones
Lorg - good for full over-ear cans with cat ears

alt right radio jerkface mention 

Omfg the new season of American Horror Story is 80s slashers, I am SO in.

Just your friendly reminder that on this Full Moon Friday the 13th, "Night of the Living Dead" is in the Public Domain and available for streaming from multiple places.

Like here:

(It's also on the Internet Archive, but Google can afford the bandwidth better.)

Baby while reading an Elmo potty training book: "Why aren't there any zombies in this?"

"Fall starts..." Alignment chart (Northern hemisphere) 

If they ever made a movie about Pharmabro, this dude that plays the Duke of Monmouth on Victoria would be perfectly sniveling casting for him.

Anyway, back to watching Victoria and getting my face blasted off by the Masterpiece Theater intro.

This has been a week of finding out that actors I thought were significantly older than I am actually only have a few years on me. Joaquin Phoenix is 44. Olivia Coleman is 45. I thought both were in their 50s.

a circle of druids chants in a foggy PNW clearing. their faces are hidden beneath their cloaks. as you get closer you hear their chant: "hoodie weather; hoodie weather"

IMDB just informed me that Rian Johnson is doing a Christie-esque murder mystery movie so I guess I'm gonna have to watch the shit out of that.

For real tho, this episode is gonna get me watching Outlander just for the accents.

Watching this episode of Victoria where they're in Scotland and they're all worried about an assassination attempt, but there's nary a shaolin werewolf monk in sight, so surely this can't be historically accurate.

Just saw this on best of Nextdoor and I’m absolutely livid.

Back in the 80's, Imagineering (the wholesale costume company) had a partnership with Elvira for costumes, accessories (including some huge light up earrings!), and Halloween face paint and makeup. The cream of the crop though, is the children's costume: a classic "put a face on a smock" in shiny black vinyl.

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