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Facebook kindly just reminded me of the time two years ago that I called Mitch McConnell the Eraserhead Baby.

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Norah Gaughan has taken over as the EIC of Vogue Knitting and the changes couldn't be more fantastic. A diverse pool of designers, extended sizing, and a really nice homey feel to the first issue. I'm sold.

inauguration music 

A) Glad to see that Gaga was still OTT and yet restrained (for her). Also damn she can belt. 👏

B) Legit cried happy tears during This Land Is Your Land, because that song has made me so sad for the past 4 years.

C) I appreciate that a country icon like Garth Brooks is a liberal. Reminds you of country's roots of standing up for America's forgotten underclass, not singing twangy pop songs about trucks and kicking brown people.

brexit, celebrity stupidity 

Lol at Roger Daltrey supporting Brexit but crying now because it makes it hard for him to tour.

What was it the philosopher said? "I hope I die before I get old"?


My nightly perusal of r/politics top posts of the day followed by a palate cleanser of r/leopardsatemyface

Ronnie Spector: ‘I love #MeToo and Time’s Up – because men’s time is up’ (CW abuse mention in the link)

“When I was making my hit records, my ex was always ‘the genius’ and you felt like: ‘Well, who am I?’ You felt that small. I’m so glad I’m still on this Earth to see women going out there and saying: ‘You can be fabulous like me, you can do anything.’”

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controversial opinion 

I liked WW84 better than the first one.

Definitely half an hour too long though.

My keyboard continued to autocomplete a song title as "Brandy (You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch)", so now it's canon that after his heart grew three sizes, his life, his love and his lady is the sea.

uspol, SEC sports 

A) I still can't fucking believe Alabama elected Tommy Fucking Tuberville to Congress.

B) I can 100% believe Tommy Fucking Tuberville has been implicated in the Capitol attack.

celebrity deaths 

Sad to learn that Siegfried died.

Sadder to learn that Roy died of COVID last May and reading their wiki just now is how I learned about it.

the thought "coffee is tea" entered my head unbidden and i had to make the whole alignment chart in order to banish it

I forgot that cat ownership is all about not having a clue where they are for 75% of the day.


Hello I am brand new to Twitter, what are you guys up to


uspol adjacent shitpost stolen from twitter 

It's only a coup if it comes from the coup d'état region of France, otherwise it's just a sparkling violation of norms.


Additional props to both candidates for flipping some south Georgia counties.

I honestly just still can't believe we did it.

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