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LB: Hashtag goals (except for the fact we don't have any dead/dying trees in our front yard.)

"People who bemoan the lack of secret passages in modern homes and offices," a voice behind me said, "never think about the meaning of the word 'secret'."
The wall behind me is solid. At least, I was sure it is solid.

Headline: Historic defeat for Duke!

Story: First ever home...against an unranked team...other than North Carolina...while ranked number 1...since 2006.

Soo...a historic defeat, so long as you use multiple different variables, set within a very specific time period. 🙄 Whatever gets you a click, ESPN, I guess.

Rewatching Homecoming, and just, goddamn but Keaton is so great in this movie.

Guess we're just gonna have to watch True Detective ads before every single bit of children's programming on YouTube now, huh?

Oh sweet, I set up 2FA.

*2FA is set to send access to my old work email*


That "trying to roll over the extremely large amount of money in my old company's 401k into my IRA but the account is set up on my old work email so now I can't get into the website or reset my password" feeling.

Searching my library's e-book collection for self-help titles at 1:30 in the morning is exceedingly On Brand for me.

Paul Hollywood is giving away handshakes this season like he's running for mayor.

I was told in advance about the cat wedding cake episode of Bake Off but nothing could truly prepare me for it.

Baby is watching videos of himself as an actual baby, and trying to recreate them to the best of his now-toddler ability. It's kinda hilarious.

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