it was twenty years ago today
captain exclaimed "WHAT YOU SAY !!"

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October 7th, 2022 will mark the 20th anniversary of The Cheat's lightswitch rave as referenced in sbemail 45, techno.


Roses are bland
Violets are dull
What a girl wants
Is Saint Valentine's skull

Kiddo wants to start his record collection with the Steven Universe soundtrack.

Hokay, kiddo, better start saving up your birthday money.

@djsundog Oh our dog has the same coat. He also does not enjoy it.

@dustin are they supposed to be pronounced? Asking for a friend.

re: the latest Joss Whedon news 

See also: That Portlandia sketch.

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re: the latest Joss Whedon news 

Which is, of course, not to say that men can't be feminists. But the ones who are so busy shouting it from the rooftops seem to always be the ones looking to abuse that status.

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re: the latest Joss Whedon news 

See, this is why I don't trust men who call themselves feminists.

*slaps roof of town* this bad boy can fit so many boys back in it

@erinbee That would be a hoot. His consolation Oscar for Man In The Moon.

Whew, the Golden Globes nominations are a mess this year. Gonna be some weird shit in awards season.

Like, we're looking at a non-zero chance of Borat as an Oscars Best Picture nominee just so they can hit 5 movies.

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