A listener asked us why we do what we do...why did we change to leadership? Far be it from us to not talk about ourselves...

Join us as we discuss the frustrations of a listener who finds their company's leadership insufficient and is trying to get promoted. leadingquestionspodcast.com/20

Stay tuned after for another book! Let's talk about Daniel Pink's "Drive"... leadingquestionspodcast.com/20

We talk enough about letting teams fail, but how do you do that when the team seems to fail constantly? leadingquestionspodcast.com/20

Join our discussion of Tom Demarco's "Slack"...if your company is aiming to improve efficiency or--god forbid--optimizing, you need to read this! leadingquestionspodcast.com/20

What do you do when your company culture is changing and you tire of fighting for the old culture? We have thoughts... leadingquestionspodcast.com/20

A listener has been promoted to leader of leaders and wants to know what will change...join us as we guess! leadingquestionspodcast.com/20

In this episode, we talk about your options when the travel requirements for your role change without a change in your title...we have thoughts! leadingquestionspodcast.com/20

Join us in a discussion of planning in the face of those than keep changing the game plan. Should you give up? How do you stop change? We have thoughts... leadingquestionspodcast.com/20

The latest book we've read is Clay Scroggins' "How to Lead When You're Not in Charge"...here are our thoughts... leadingquestionspodcast.com/20

In this episode, we talk about breaking work into manageable stories in agile...and not delivering something "stupid"... leadingquestionspodcast.com/20

Our supply of questions is dwindling, so if you have a question about leadership, knowledge work, or really any topic of interest, send them here or to questions@leadingquestionspodcast.com to hear our brilliant thoughts!

Evidence we're good at life from an upcoming episode...
Jer: "wait, does toothpaste have an expiration date?"
Dawn: "It goes in your mouth"
Jer: 😮

In this episode, we discuss some ways of handling instances of sexism on your project... leadingquestionspodcast.com/20

For our third bookclub book, we read Ed Catmull's narrative about leading through the birth of Pixar. Here's what we thought! leadingquestionspodcast.com/20

In this (slightly late, sorry!) episode, we discuss that "missing stair" teammate that everyone just works around but is a drag on the team... leadingquestionspodcast.com/20

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