The latest book we've read is Clay Scroggins' "How to Lead When You're Not in Charge" are our thoughts...

In this episode, we talk about breaking work into manageable stories in agile...and not delivering something "stupid"...

Our supply of questions is dwindling, so if you have a question about leadership, knowledge work, or really any topic of interest, send them here or to to hear our brilliant thoughts!

Evidence we're good at life from an upcoming episode...
Jer: "wait, does toothpaste have an expiration date?"
Dawn: "It goes in your mouth"
Jer: 😮

In this episode, we discuss some ways of handling instances of sexism on your project...

For our third bookclub book, we read Ed Catmull's narrative about leading through the birth of Pixar. Here's what we thought!

In this (slightly late, sorry!) episode, we discuss that "missing stair" teammate that everyone just works around but is a drag on the team...

So, @jer_ definitely thought he edited a podcast for tomorrow. He definitely did not. This week's episode will be going up next week.

Sorry folks!

In this episode, we talk about what to do when a reorg is having an affect on your attitude:

Don't forget to join our bookclub! Currently reading the Little Guide to Empathetic Technical Leadership

The best part of tomorrow's episode is the "inside baseball" bit where @jer_ talks about the audio editing and we find out that is the most common source of things that have to be cut!

In this episode, we discuss books...what should you read, what should you avoid, and what are we reading! Look for the bookclub episode immediately after, as well!

This episode's question is about coming in as a leader and working well with the interim leader that is now on your team!

Don't forget our book club! "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck",

Incredibly sorry about the late post! How do you get a more diverse interview pool than the IT standard of white and male?

Also, we introduce our new book club!

Tomorrow's podcast is going to be late...probably later this week...between travel and technical difficulties it's just not happening yet!

I am completely in agreement with this list...although I think it's merely a start...people reliant on their title are managers, not leaders.

I'm looking forward to's podcast!

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