it would take 19 toots to post all of the filenames

@jk @masklayer @typhlosion @wxcafe i used to have an archive of all of the wav files
i wonder if i can find it

@masklayer for some reason i am reminded of the loudspeaker voice used in Half-Life 1

@cypnk i reverted immediately, as noscript is not yet available for 57

@jk i doubt the total number of people making video game music in or before 1990 exceeded 50, so the ratio seems reasonable

2.5 hours later, i've finally finished swapping 2fa to a new device

the future is 2fa fatigue as every site on earth (slowly) adds some kind of 2fa support

@bea now, all that remains is to get xatu added to Unicode and my plans are complete

@masklayer 6. using every service/account/encryption/etc only once, using a complex and impossible to remember password, and throwing it away immediately afterward

is there a way to override the font used for just one site?

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