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Does anyone do science penpal outreach? What organizations do you participate through?

#scicomm #science #outreach

I upgraded my instance to 2.1.2 but it's missing the ... is this something that has to be enabled somewhere?

I did the upgrade as per instructions (stopped services, updated git, updated Ruby and node.js dependencies, updated db, pre-compiled assets, restarted services).

The about page says v2.1.2 but there's no Lists in the Getting Started panel.

Has anyone else had this? Or knows why...?

I think I broke my Mastodon instance (scicomm.xyz) but it might also just be because I am running it on the lowest possible DigitalOcean droplet configuration...

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a silly science thing

i literally cried when i read this abstract because the idea of the world tiniest bacterium livin in the belly of this tiny leaf eating beetle was just SO CUTE


picture of the also adorable tiny green beetle attached

#science glitch.social/media/7MYbrAbLcH

Thinking of starting a new instance of Mastodon for ... any people out there interested?

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Sycnthing is pretty great. Simple, constant synchronisation of files across systems with a very easy set up process.

Doudna: will have immediate applications in before we see useful treatments. The main challenges lie in delivery, control, and of course ethics. Exogenous cell permeable RNA-loaded Cas complexes show promise for targeted delivery while minimising side effects, e.g. in neuronal cells. Germline editing power prompts immediate (as yet unresolved) ethical dilemmas. Overall though "small science can really make a huge difference".

Sitting down to hear what Jennifer Doudna has to say about systems...

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: I'm a in studying how proteins work with each other. Mainly a but also and ergo wrangling, , , , etc.

Here for the amusing discourse, and sometimes .

Follow if any of the above interests you!

Look at all these little things... So busy now!