Everything is hackable, but it's okay.

An attempt to explain in a few paragraphs what hacking is, how it can affect every one of us and how to recognize fearmongering.

It's possible you know all these things but I find myself having to explain it again and again IRL and I wanted a well laid out writeup to point people to. If it helps you get the message of information security through to someone I'll be happy.

C&C welcome.

@qwazix this is totes true, eeeeeexcept if you're a marginalized person who gets targeted by some rando bigot or harassment mob. which can happen pretty easily to marginalized folks who, like, have opinions and talk.

@amydentata thanks I'll add this too as possible demographic for targeted attacks

@qwazix cool! it's definitely not a given there, either, but once someone is made a target, the harassers are obsessive. and will stalk someone for, like, yearrrrrs. it's ridiculous

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