Do you know somebody who is an , engineer, or builder? In the days where the software industry has many great, integrated processes and technologies, the construction industry is stuck in the dark ages. Many use , a proprietary program from Autodesk. Share this link on a list of criticisms, and why we desperately need an open source successor and support.

@thinkMoult I am a Civil Engineer and our firm has been stuck to AutoCAD, mostly because I was trying to find a libre alternative if I was going to introduce a change. Last time I checked FreeCad was too concentrated on Mechanical Engineering so I started working on an addon to blender that helps model a simple concrete structure (columns, beams, slabs and footings for the time being) with the goal of making it export stuff to an old codebase of ours that does structural analysis, or Frame3DD.

@thinkMoult also IFC is insanely complicated and all current implementations I tested either use the filetype just to export geometry, or cannot agree on implementation details.

SCIA Engineer for example (proprietary) exports almost nothing meaningful for calculations.

@thinkMoult I contemplated using IFC as the native export type for my little project but I gave up because reading and understanding the spec would have been bigger than the whole project.

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