I developed my first roll of film in upwards of 10 years. Tomorrow I'm going to try my my hand in printing.

For now you can have a look at digital photos of the negatives

Printing went okay. Still a lot to learn but yay 😄

@qwazix you developed it at home? What did you use, like one of those dark-bags, or what they're called?

@jeena I just covered everything I could with black electrical tape, the only window I have that doesn't have shutters with black adhesive film and opened the film inside a black trashbag.

If only I didn't forget my smartwatch on :-P (I think it fortunately didn't light up because the film turned out okay)

@qwazix haha, nice work! But the pictures you posted first were pictures of negatives, why are they inverted there, did you do it for us digitally?

@jeena yeah, I also fumbled a bit with the curves to give them a bit more contrast (I made sure the film markings were almost white on black)

Ok that is kind of cool that this works that well, I'd like to test shooting bw film too and develop the negatives myself, I just didn't know what the next step would be, but if I just scan it and invert it it should be quite interesting already.

@jeena yep and with a little fumbling you should be able to scan the negatives with even higher quality without having to purchase a film scanner. If you have any old scanner you can scan them by using a phone as backlight, maybe with a piece of frosted glass to mix colors so the lcd subpixels don't get in the result. Another way is to use a magnifying glass or some other lens to help your phone focus closer and just take a photo of them, again, with backlight.

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