How do I make ctrl-tab not horrible in firefox?

@ajroach42 There's a setting in about:preferences. In about:config, it's browser.ctrlTab.recentlyUsedOrder (set to false)

@endomain @zacanger It's SO SLOW.

I'd adapt to that workflow if it wasn't just unbearably slow.



It breaks if you have more than nine tabs open. That's an immediate non-starter for me.

@endomain @ajroach42 Yeah I don't really know why they thought that would be a great idea. I can see it maybe being implemented by an extension, but making it the default seems... not great.


@zacanger @endomain @ajroach42 I always enable that, when did they make it default?

Otherwise it's hard to switch quickly between the two latest tabs. I don't have more than 10 open usually but I still hate hunting.

@qwazix @endomain @ajroach42 I think they enabled it by default sometime last summer, but only for new profiles

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