No, I think I want a closet that can sort with most-frequently-used so that I can donate stuff I don't use. Or use them more, whatever.

@qwazix I have a friend who who turned all of her coat hangers around. Like, hung them backwards, hook facing out instead of in. When she wore the item and then hung it back up, she put it in there the "right" way. After months, she donated what hadn't been re-oriented. It's a passive way to see what you are wearing a lot.

@franciecashman hmm, interesting. I don't use hangers, everything is in drawers (I only wear jeans, tshirts and hoodies) but I think I can get inspiration from this: what if instead of color-coding I put freshly washed stuff always on the higher drawer. When there's no more space I take all the drawers and move them one step below, taking an empty one from the bottom. A few weeks later the least worn will sink to the bottom.

Thanks 😃

@qwazix That is a *fantastic* idea for drawers. I may just do that too. I'm very similar, I only wear v-neck t-shirts, jeans, and occasionally a blazer. It's so hot here year round. I don't like to expend energy trying to figure out what to wear.

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