I'm seriously thinking of moving to cybre.space. I already created an account there: @qwazix

What do you think?

Why not? Moving away from mastodon.social is the best thing you can do :)


I just moved to qoto.org, starting over from scratch. You have a following. You sure you want to lose that? I didn't realize how quiet my timeline could be.

I have 2 followers.😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

@Oranje now you've got 3. I've noticed when I moved @GDPR_HallOfShame that followers who actually enjoy what you have to share move quickly with you, and that's what matters.

@qwazix @GDPR_HallOfShame
I joined qoto under the impression that it is a STEM based instance but I'm not seeing much STEM or technology based content here. It seems to be more of a general social instance. Maybe I should check out cyber.space. I wish there was an instance that was geared toward makers, specifically 3D printers.

I looked at registering at cybre.space but registrations are closed. Oh well.

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