It's official! I'm moving to

See you on the other side!

laying in bed, simmering, looking at ceiling without glasses while listening to piano. Left: image of the ceiling, right: simulation of my vision.

It's night but my apt is still cooler than outdoors. Also it's only 32°C but it feels to me like it's the hottest summer day. Also mosquitos are conspicuously absent.

Anyway, have a look at the view from here.

I never posted this, but my partner gave me spoons for birthday 😃


This one was built just before the closed balconies were reduced to max 40cm and has a special place in history. It was here that the treaty of Greece's surrender to the forces of the axis was signed on the 27th of April 1941.

During the annual show of my pole dance school, I took my camera. As I was watching and snapping, a girl came to me: "Are you the school's photographer?"
"No, I'm just a student here"
She looks at me from top to bottom, quite inquisitively and not at all subtly.
"But you don't look like... erm, the OTHER gender"
"You know, it's not obligatory"
"To look like?"
"To be"
"You aren't?"
She tried to fix it then, something about knowing others too, and I grinned thinking .

Yesterday morning I saw a guy carrying a window mannequin. It was really lifelike as it was wrapped in some kind of cloth, torn at the feet were the urethene internals peeked out like a disease had made the skin yellow and brown. A few hours later I see this other doll, presumably related to the first, face down on the tarmac, near the trash bin.

This is what happens if you bake bic pens. At ~120°C

I wanted to do it on the other side of the hand so that I can wear a watch above it and look like the traces come off the watch but, hair...

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