@KazukyAkayashi probably I have to before I butcher your language any more :-S , though it's a good excuse to remember myself my French. I spent years learning it but I have almost forgotten everything.


@fabtd @KazukyAkayashi Ah, j'ai de Nikon alors probablement c'est pourquoi je trouve dt suffisant. RX-100 resultats sont toutefois aussi acceptable, je trouve. Même les dng du telephone.

@renten yes for example quickly expiring cookies results in users saving passwords in the browsers usually plaintext.

@fabtd @KazukyAkayashi De mon experience lightroom manque beaucoup de modules j'utilise en dt et il faut que je les faire par photoshop.

(je sais, francais terrible)

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"I love cyberpunk for its exploration of transhumanism. what it means to be human, and how to repect and accept those who may not even be mostly human anymore"

"yeah, like nonbinary or trans people!"

"oh not that that's just weird"

@ovelix_gr πάντα όμως

Είδα έναν κόκκινο πάουερέιτζερ στο τιελ και το θυμήθηκα

@ItsmeFilippa χαχαχα δεν είχε βγει πρόσφατα ταινία μ'αυτούς;

Ή το πρόσφατα που θυμάμαι εγώ είναι ήδη πριν 10 χρόνια;

Χτυπάει το κουδούνι.
— Ποιος είναι;
— Ο power ranger.
— Ποιός;?!?
— Ο μπλε.

Knock on the door
"Who is it?"
"The Power Ranger"
"The blue one"

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@KazukyAkayashi je trouve que Darktable ok pour ma collection, mais je ne suis plus un professionel.

Pardonnez moi, mes francais sont terribles 😖

@dr_strange @MalloryWilson ωχ μαστίγια και τρελές, ακόμα δεν ξύπνησα ας ξανακοιμηθώ καλύτερα.

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While compiling a four image portfolio for self-promotion, I realized that I really like purple and green.

#art #mastoart #comics #digitalpainting #purple #green

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Hello folks. I quess it's never too late for the #introduction post.

I used to be a journalist, then I took an arrow in the knee and stuck up with back office of some Russian commercial bank in Moscow. Sometimes I draw things, so I just put them in here. Hope you enjoy them! :pixelfed:

#mastoart #fanart #illustration
#SMT #Persona5 #anime #RPG

main aliases: crowcounter, eveginnseng

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