You have superpowers. By night you do petty crimes. By day you put on a cape and take out the competition. Until one day...

Inspired by @WritingPrompts

@flacs they should take you to work, not the other way around

Look at my avatar: I'm a white male. I also happen to be cis-het (at least up to now). I get that I have the most privilege and that I certainly have subconscious biases. I also get that some that have these same characteristics have done a lot of harm to those who don't. Finally, I get that many of them (maybe even most of them) hate or fear those who are not like them.

However it still hurts when you bundle me with them as being the scum of the earth.

There I said it 😓

Methinks the single column UI is a very valid reason to implement the ability to follow hashtags.

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I am doing Very Important Research: which scifi film features space coffee the most.

Right now my top two candidates are Alien(1979) and Event Horizon(1997).

If you know of films with more/equal appearances of space coffee, please let me know! Boosts appreciated for this Very Important Research.

@rubah thankfully it was only a nightmare, my fountain pen was destroyed in that fashion. Back when I had only one and I'd saved months to get it.

Yeah, it *was* worth it, the water was great and I had a nice swim.

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communicating effectively is much much much more of the software engineering job than any code business. learn how to articulate your thoughts and your world is your oyster. it'll make you a better programmer, too.

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if you can make an excel spreadsheet, you can write code. I promise you. if you haven't tried, make an excel spreadsheet to manage a tabletop character or something. you can do it, I promise you. boomer-ass capitalists do it on accident all the time.

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marrying every american woman i come across to spite the incel clownbots

@body I can't even imagine how awful that must feel...

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