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Meanwhile, the EU has voted to kill the Internet as we know it and possibly aid in creating an even bigger surveillance machine in the process.

Civil disobedience is the way forward on this one. We redouble our efforts to create decentralised alternatives and if they’re deemed illegal by this myopic legislation, so be it. Fuck ’em. We go to jail if we need to.

If you had any illusions that the battle for personhood and human rights would be easier in our age, think again.


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"Learning this language is fun!": A1-A2
"Man, why is this so complicated..": B1
"How do I say 'I want to die'": B2
"I have never seen or heard someone use this grammar": C1
"If I see another native speaker make a typo I will hit them with my language proficiency certificate": C2

Θα ήθελα να σας επιστήσω την προσοχή στο Άρθρο 13 του νέου νόμου περί πνευματικής ιδοκτησίας. Tο άρθρο είναι επικίνδυνο όχι μόνο για την ελευθερία του διαδικτύου αλλά και για την ίδια τη χώρα μας. Όποιο startup προσπαθήσει να ανταγωνιστεί τους μεγάλους του διαδικτύου, θα υποχρεωθεί να εγκαταστήσει φίλτρα περιεχομένου κάτι που κοστίζει εκατοντάδες χιλιάδες. Μην αφήσετε το δίκτυο αποκλειστικά στα χέρια του youtube και του facebook: καταψηφίστε το Άρθρο 13 για να μπορούμε να καινοτομούμε στο δίκτυο

Μόλις έστειλα στους Έλληνες ευρωβουλευτές την πιο κάτω επιστολή (επόμενο τουτ)

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The other day, I started wondering whose toots I've favorited most often—mostly as a "scientific" way to figure out who to feature on my profile.

One weekend-coding project later, and I can now share an app with all of you: the Tool for Tabulating Thirty Top Tooters (#t5, for short).

It scans all the toots you've every favorited and ranks the top thrifty people who you've favorited most often. It's #freeSoftware and I hope you all enjoy!


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if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

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The recursive centaur: half horse, half recursive centaur

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I proudly present: A #Tootwall, which fits into a toot!

It does not only fit into a toot, but it also features a headline, some design elements and animations.
If you like to code golf for more features, there is plenty of room if you remove some of these elements.

See the next toot in this thread for the code.

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<style>@keyframes s{from{transform:scaleX(0);}to{transform:scaleX(1)}}div{margin:1ex;animation:s 1s;padding:1ex;border:thin solid}body{padding:1ex;background:#bce}</style><script>s=new EventSource(";s.addEventListener("update",function(e){e=JSON.parse(;b=document.body;if(b.childElementCount>6){b.removeChild(b.firstChild.nextSibling)};c=document.createElement("div");b.appendChild(c);c.innerHTML=e['content']+" -- @"+e['account']['acct']})</script>
<h1>Toot toot!</h1>

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it's fall, and my productivity is back up. there are so many projects i want to start. i need to carefully choose what to put energy into so i don't end up abandoning projects just because something is shiny and new.

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The URL seems truncated, but at least in the tootsuite web frontend it is intact when you copy the toot into the clipboard.

If you like to nitpick: The code is 523 characters long and only fits into a toot because of the trunction.
If your remove the headline and the code to select the second element in the HTML body instead of the first, the code is less than 500 characters again.

Watching the federated timeline scroll by at speeds where you barely can catch a few words from some toots and reading fragments while resisting scrolling down when you see something interesting is at the same time mesmerizing and headache inducing.

Reading mastodon in reader view is such a weird experience...

curse words - banking system 

I think that facebook deliberately delays 2FA token sending so that it trains you to not log out much.

Αυτά για σήμερα, νομίζω την επόμενη φορά θα είμαστε έτοιμοι για τα 80's.

Καθώς θυμάμαι το τέλος εκείνης της δεκαετίας, έστω και αμυδρά, ανυπομονώ να σας πω γι'αυτήν.

Στη φωτό το κοντράστ του 60 με το 70

That was it for today, I think next time, we can move closer, to the 80's

Looking forward to it as I vaguely remember the tail end of that decade.

In the photo, a 60's foreground to the late 70's highrise

Στην αρχή του 70 τα έρκερ άρχισαν να εξαφανίζονται για χάριν μακρύτερων ανοικτών εξωστών. Ο ΓΟΚ73 μάλλον απλά επισημοποίησε τη νέα πρακτική. Το 2ο κτίριο έχει έρκερ αλλά κρυμμένα πίσω από προέκταση του μπαλκονιού.

In the early 70's the erkers started disappearing in favor of longer balconies. The new look was cleaner and more modern. The '73 GBR probably just followed the trend of the time. Note the hidden erkers in the second building.

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