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youtube.com/watch?v=OpIQNxiKJo for anyone who doesn't know about these live channels, they're a godsend

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[nsfw/suggestive but nothing showing] New batch of with a lingerie theme~ furaffinity.net/view/23931798/ mastodon.social/media/fFit9WYR

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Jesus was such a cool dude. He don't deserve this bullshit.

@LindsayLaNoire the road to heaven is paved with ruined art

"Cool. Shut up. Fuck you. Go to hell. What the fuck." - me, to everything my computer does today

i drank all of it then i made myself another coffee, this time hot, and added two scoops of americone dream and if there was any question if i was in a depressive spell that sure as hell answers it

so i was finishing up a banana icee but i decided i wanted a coffee since i was feeling low and i didn't want to dirty another cup so i just poured some cold brew stock right into what was left of the icee

then i wanted some half and half but we're out so i opened a new can of whipped cream and added that and stirred it in

then i was worried that it wouldn't taste right so i wanted to add some nutmeg but i didn't want to deal with the nutmeg can so just added some baker's mix on top

@itsnero i can't get over how well made a film it is. it has complete confidence in itself and it earns that attitude. i still haven't really watched anything quite like it.

i also can't get into the habit of not breaking up my thoughts into distinct posts anymore lol

i keep being at a loss as to what i should be posting here. this might turn into the void i scream into, the way twitter used to be for me back in the day, but I'd like this to be a happier place than twitter ever was. somewhere i can actually relax a bit

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Please join my anti-social media photography website, Incelgram

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@jk this looks like one of those pictures where they photoshop a second set of eyes onto someone's face

@jk just keep it in another room and run a cord through the wall

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@envgen do more, this is fantastic. i've listened to it on loop three times now

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