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qwilman @qwilman

how do i find a discord server where everyone's an artist but i also don't feel like the oldest man alive

you ever have to mute your discord channel not cause someone's pissing you off but because your eyes will roll straight out of your damn head

@irisjaycomics oh also the uniforms are kind of a big bummer. I really miss the color.

@irisjaycomics though i have to admit i'm pretty broken hearted over the fact that we'll probably never see the old trek universe again outside of like ST:O :/

@irisjaycomics i'm really hoping to see some crazier alien designs, plus i hope they're not too afraid to do a handful of their own shit. a big part of why star wars is really exciting all of a sudden is because for the first time in my life i don't know what's going to happen in star wars! i'm interesting in that happening to trek

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Seth McFarlane looks like the dude you least want to run into at a Trek convention. he is the dude who thinks Kirk is cool because he was a loud sleazy guy, despite not having ever watched the original series. i bet he leaves signed headshots around the studio as "tips" for makeup and catering. dude is like Tom Paris's slimier older brother who got caught trying to hack a replicator so it would print out nothing but oxycontin. fuck you Seth McFarlane. rot in hell.

@irisjaycomics i'm actually diggin the new klingons! I always felt like there was a lot of wasted potential in klingon designs and i'm into seeing a series push it a bit všŸ˜—v

*keeps the Sally Yates hearing on while I work*

*absentmindedly browses to porn*

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Went to a garden party, did some quick sketching. #mastoart

War auf einer Gartenparty, hab ein paar schnelle Skizzen gemacht.

octodon.social/media/DYBdcnaz2 octodon.social/media/5-6ae_cDm

@0x1f415 vvwumm, vvwu-vvwu-vv-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-vvumm, vvwumm

@0x1f415 it manages to be soothing and shocking at the same time what the hell

sittin here with a fishstick hanging out of my mouth like a cigarette

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Thinkpiece: Did Millennials kill Timecube?

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"Alright artists, draw yourselves as a fictional counterpart with one object that shows their passion!"

Humans, furries, dragons, of all shapes, sizes, and colors were drawn... and they all hold a drawing tablet.


I was embarrassed enough of this that I hid it in my porn folder for a few days

@Gargron i have a complicated relationship with stickermule where they're sort of a shitty company with FANTASTIC customer service