okay i don't know how to talk about this without sounding like i'm trying to whatever-shame people, but i am completely exhausted by artists on tumblr/twitter/etc chastising their followers for not reblogging/retweeting enough art

i completely understand the frustration. i can't count how many times i busted my ass on a piece forever, watched dozens of likes come in, and only one or two shares. it sucks and i wish more eyes were landing on the thing i worked on. but that doesn't make everyone who like that piece an asshole

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at what point do you stop treating your fans--who, by the way, are people literally telling you they enjoy your work--like puppies who just shit on the run that you have to punish and start just recognizing that this is how this sort of thing just tends to shake out?

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there are all sorts of ways people treat artists online that are toxic and shitty. reposting your art so they can get their own likes/reblogs without your permission, editing out signatures or reposting stuff without permission, there's a lot of bullshit out there

this isn't that. this is someone cultivating their own personal online space the way they choose. telling someone they're being a Bad Fan for not putting your art on there the way you want makes you look petulant.

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i do think it's worth telling people how important rebloging/boosting/etc is! but there is a HUGE difference between saying "thank you so much for reblogging my work, it helps to get eyes on my art!" and "shame on you for liking my posts and not reblogging it. you are the problem."

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this isn't a specific callout, this isn't intended as a dogwhistle for anyone specific or even as some "these damned kids" thing. it's just a behavior i keep seeing from people that's finally getting frustrating enough to make me get all pissy about it on my social network with the least amount of followers

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@qwilman I think of tumblr as a space heavily geared towards fan art. Which I like, but don't make. So I don't really get upset if people like my stuff without reblogging it.

I would make fan art if I had the energy to actually follow a fandom for more than half an hour. 😁

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