Repostin' art from Tumblr so it's not lost to the ether

OOH i love how mastodon handles transparent png, keep that up. have some more art from this year in no particular order

Doin' some reposts while I get masto into my regular rotation. Have a cursory year-end reflection

is still a thing people use?

i feel like i haven't drawn in a week and photoshop finally has native symmetry tools

OH YEAH HEY MASTODON I'm always free for commissions and all this week I'm going to offer half off Zelda-themed art! I have no idea what tags everyone settled on for this. Is still a thing?

you can basically slap this on the end of any statement i've ever made

i realized exactly how i feel about this patreon thing while talking about it on discord and i don't feel like typing this out again so

CW for like if a magic card had full frontal nudity 

iterating on giant naked dude 

warning for giant naked dude 

aw dip this took like no effort whatsoever to work lineless

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