wondering if it’s viable to set up Mastodon instances for non-US communities unduly reliant on FB for ... everything

lots of businesses, artists, musicians, &c. in Aotearoa really have no viable alternatives (birbsite v much not mainstream)

spent Christmas Day tramping and am honestly just curious if this social is more / less hostile to non-square aspect ratios

Go on, you know you want to waste your afternoon… :flan_smile:

Here's a Xerox Star emulator!


The Xerox Star (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xerox_St) was the commercial evolution of the Alto with a proper GUI, a mouse, Lisp :flan_wink:, SmallTalk :flan_wink, and was a commercial disaster or close enough :flan_sad:

State-spectrum chicanery is never other than the sharp edge of policy.

But sure, tell me again that ‘policy people’ are useless... 🙄

Reading this paper for the third time now, and it really is a masterclass in taxonomic rigour. arxiv.org/pdf/1811.05441.pdf

Man, this new life is ... weird

After years of subsidising meaningful work with paid bullshit, I am utterly lost now that ‘meaningful’ and ‘paid’ have converged

California has a gabillion Chardonnay Lanes, and every one of them reminds me of Footballers’ Wives

I really want to learn more about thermal x fault injection attacks, but the research I‘ve found falls between ‘propagation delay increases by 3-5x (depending on voltage) between 25°C and 100°C,’ and ‘Precise Fault-Injections using Voltage and Temperature Manipulation for Differential Cryptanalysis’ eprint.iacr.org/2014/782.pdf

Idle musing on dissonance between commodity warez and their targets (tfw your brain itches and says ‘now what?’ instead of ‘we’re done’)...

@qxn There’s fighting to protect the user, and then there’s fighting to protect unjust systems of wealth concentration built on various forms of plunder.

At the very least, I feel we should try to recognise when we are engaged in which.

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Noticed the other day that the US Secretary of Homeland Security said some pretty crazy things earlier this month.¹

When physical safety of natural persons ranks behind dollar amounts, then ‘cybersecurity’ is about the accumulation and protection of capital.

Also that ‘re-rise of the nation state’ stuff is 🍌🍌
¹ dhs.gov/news/2018/09/05/secret

@qxn In the same vein: the history of Silicon Graphics and their graphics workstations. All had accelerated graphics and, therefore, pretty amazing chipsets.

@qxn Also, come to think of it, you should look at the design of the Intel i860 “supercomputer on a chip” as it carries within it the seeds for some particular design concepts which were then developed further in GPUs. In particular note the “limited VLIW”.

If you find anything there’s also Evans & Sutherland with their graphical magic. I still have and cherish an E&S graphics card (dual full-length PCI) for my Digital PWS600au which pumps OpenGL in 3D at amazing speeds.

Keeping in mind I barely understand CPUs, what should I do/read to start on GPUs?

what *is* it with Italian exploit devs and Reservoir Dogs references? truel.it

Via @qxn here's Microsoft's "A call for principle-based international agreements to govern law enforcement access to data":


It is actually eminently reasonable which might come as a surprise.

Key points in the attached image.

The complete PDF expanding on the principles: blogs.microsoft.com/uploads/pr

I feel like transatlantic work history should not break a company whose only job is to do background checks, *and yet* 😡

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