what *is* it with Italian exploit devs and Reservoir Dogs references?

@cynicalsecurity yeah but they’ve been doing this for almost 10 yrs now (lest we forget Zynamics’ Reservoir Dogs cosplay ROP talk at BHUSA 2010)

@cynicalsecurity and yes I am baselessly blaming the Italian for that one :P

@qxn they clearly were unable to find a suitable Italian film on which to base their quotes, probably concerned that it would be lost in translation.

I'd suggest the Italian classic masterpiece "I soliti ignoti" ( *horrible* English translation of the title!) or, alternatively, "Amici miei" ( ) but I suspect that the newer generation will not look that far back for inspiration.

@qxn A classic line (translated via IMDB):

Tiberio: "Stealing is a serious profession. You need serious people, not people like you. All you can do at your best is work."

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