wow, this is a new one

if you need my “personal data” to pay your staff then you need to find a more ethical fucking business model

“We’re sorry you don’t trust us”

“We literally need to sell ur data”

Interesting combo.

@qyliss @cocoron I’d like to know which landlords and grocery stores accept a CSV full of email addresses

@qyliss Something tells me they're not GDPR-compliant, just a hunch...

don't worry they probably have an exemption because they are currently working on a fix /s

@frinkeldoodle @qyliss Not EU-based with no intent to pay if the EU fines them.

@qyliss Fuck that! Also, how evil? Only one answer: to accept.
Also, out the company!

@qyliss i like the way websites are like "think about how much our content is worth to you. probably not very much"

it saves me a lot of time now

@qyliss seems since every other method failed for them so they tried “being honest” 😅😂🙈

@qyliss @rick_777 Is this from an app or from iOS?

If it's an app, which one?

@qyliss looks like EDAplayground does this very same shady shit. No, thanks.

@qyliss Another example of uncontrolled capitalists pretending unethical behaviour is about by average citizens harming different average citizens.

Not as blatant as "you're poor because immigrants/women/blacks/gays" are taking more than their fair share. but a lets-you-and-him fight tactic nevertheless.

@qyliss Yeah, fuck off. I don't trust anyone with it unless I have to, let alone the kind of organization that would beg me for it.

Personal as in "personal life" and not as in "personal automobile"…

@qyliss Wow, that's even more ridiculous than the one on (Bloomberg BusinessWeek I think?) that claims that using an ad blocker adversely affects the performance of the site. Geeeez…

@qyliss, ha! That’s hilarious in a depressing sort of way.

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